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This is my late husband's Cancer page

Joe and I were married in 1970 in Pittsburgh, Pa. We had 2 kids
A son, Robert Alexander who was born in 1970
and a daughter, Heather Marie who was born in 1974.
We got along as best we could, but in marriage
there is no guarantee as to how it will turn out.

The last 10 years of ours were not good.
But you deal with it the best you can.

Bob had grown up and moved out and was doing the travelling Radiation Therapist bit
and Heather had taken a liking to the fellow across the street
For a while I noticed he was being sneaky about something
but he wasn't telling me. Joe and I decided to take a trip to Gettysburg,
it was then that noticed he was coughing up blood.

So when we got back I made an appointment for him to be seen.

That's when the nightmare began

They discovered he had lung cancer,
it was stage 4 and they gave him 6 months to live
it had gone beyond what they could even tell him
but they told me.

Being in the medical field I knew what this meant.
No matter what they gave him it was for Comfort Measures Only
So they proceeded to go ahead with Radiation and tried Chemo, which made him sick
We went through tons of Boost and Ensure just to keep him going
Because eventually his desire for food dwiddled
We sat on the backporch and talked about my future
He wanted to know what my plans were and that I would be okay
Having done Respiratory for so many years and working in the hospital
And banging on so many chests, and seeing so many people die under me
Helped prepare me for what was to come
But in truth, you are still never quite prepared

Joe and I were married 34 years when on September 24, 2004
in the evening he bled out
Thank goodness, he had been able to talk to Bobby
as he returned from his recent assignment
and had just pulled into his parking lot
Joe then began to cough up blood, that was the beginning
of the end as he ran around the house bleeding out
I told Bobby what was going on, then hung up
Heather was also called and told her father was down
My sister was also called

This part of my life was over
But to those of you
Please always tell your loved ones who
maybe predisposed to cancer, to have themselves checked
Don't wait for signs, because by then it's too late
Tell those you love, how you feel always
You just never know when you might never see them again

I have since remarried, when Joe and I talked
I told him I wanted to go back home to Greenville, Pa
Which I did in 2005, worked in a local hospital there
Got sick with CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease)
And starting dating my future husband, then moved again
This time to Forestville, NY
But by this time I was needing a transplant
And the best hospital was Buffalo General
So he asked me to move up there with him, so I did, cats and all
I moved up there early 2007, we got married 2009.
His name is James Parisio he is a Vietnam Vet
And he is a wonderful man and I love him
He is also a widower, so we are also both seconds
How wonderful is that


Bobby has been a Radiation Therapist down
in Philly at Fox Chase Cancer Center for several years now
and is doing well.
He is now 46 will be 47 in Nov.

Heather is now going on 44 and living in Meadville, PA
And living with her boyfriend, Ray.
She is working in a Plastics Factory
Both are doing well
That's all I can ask for.

Jim and I will celebrate being together 10 years
this year. My how time flies

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