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The Native Americans used Herbal Remedies as cures for ailments
and they were made with items found in nature.
I hope you find something here that will be of use to you.
Please remember that before you try one of these
to check with your doctor first and if the ailment persists
to seek medical help. I will introduce you to Totem Power Stones.
I will tell you about crystals and the crystal connection dealing with chakras of the body

On this page I will introduce you to "Totem Power Stones" Crystals
and stones have been used over the generations by different beliefs
for their healing and protective properties. I like my father before me
as a practicing Native American Medicine Man and Shaman carry my herbs,
stones and crystals in my life bag for they are with me always.
The totem power stones, were crudely etched into stones
images of an animal the person needed to help lead them to guide them,
for it was believed that in doing so the totem power stone not only
protected that person but could transfer some of the power of the animal to that person.

Totem Power Stones were power images carved into gemstones
when available or mostly carved into stones for people to carry.
Most believed in the power that these animals had.
For the Native Americans were One with nature and all that lived therein.

Alligator-aggressing, survival and adaptability
Ant-team player, worker
Armadillo-active, nocturnal, protection
Bat-guardian of the night, cleaner
Bear-power, adaptability
Bear Paw-strength, mobility
Beaver-builder, gatherer
Bobcat-fierce, loner, intensity
Buffalo-sacredness, life builder, survivor
Buffalo Skull-sacredness, reverence for life
Bull-strength, warning
Butterfly-metamorphosis, carefree, transformer
Cactus-nature's reservoir
Cougar-leadership, courage
Coyote-prankster, insight, playful
Crane-solitude, independence
Deer-love, gentleness, kindness
Dolphin-kindness, play, bridge man to ocean
Dragonfly-flighty, carefree
Eagle-divine spirit, connection to creator
Elk-strength, agility, freedom
Fox-cunning, provider, intelligence
Frog-connection w/water element
Goose-faithful, communicative, traveler
GrizzlyBear-hunter, nature's pharmacist
Hawk-messenger, observer of the sky, protector
Hopi Hand-life, creative, healing
Horse-stamina, mobility, strength, companion
Hummingbird-messenger, stopper of time
Kokopelli-fertility, joy, music
Lizard-conservation, agility
Loon-solitude, song, romance
Moose-headstrong, unstoppable, longevity
Mouse-timid, secretive, sneaky
Otter-laughter, curiousity, mischievous
Owl-wisdom, truth, patience
Quail-sacred spirit, ceremonial, holy
Pheasant-confidence, attraction, perseverance
Rabbit-alertness, nurturing
Raccoon-bandit, shy, resourceful
Ram-new beginning, determination
Raven-trickster, teacher, hoarder
Road Runner-speed, agility, cleverness
Salmon-instinct, persistence, determination
Scorpion-defense, self-protection
Skunk-wary, conspicous, intense
Snake-shrewdness, tranformation
Spider-creative, pattern of life
Squirrel-trusting, innocence
Steer Skull-silent testimony
Swan-grace, balance, festive
Thunderbird-caller of rain
Turkey-smart, elusive
Turtle-self contained, creative source
Whale-wisdom, provider, cleanser
Wolf-loyalty, success, perseverance, guide
Wolf paw-freedom, success, guidance
Zuni Bear-good health

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