Welcome to Realm of the White Wolf!!!!!

We have come to the page I enjoy sharing the most
because it involves sharing my furbabies with you,
they bring you comfort and peace when all else is crazy
Their love is unconditional they will love you no matter how much you hollar at them
or whether you shoe them off the bed, they will love you
Mine have brought me much joy and happiness over the years
I have had many furbabies
Some are still alive and unfortunately some have crossed over that Rainbow Bridge
and wait for me to get there
Their purrs are like magic to not only our ears but our hearts and souls.

Just look at the size of those Paws,
he's going to be a big boy

You will be getting a picture of my big boy, and I do big boy, he weighs in at 15.2 pounds
for only 1 year old. He is a Hemingway cat. He has 7 toes on his front paws and 6 toes on
his back and when he spreads his back feet they look like snowshoe feet and I do mean wow,
I do mean big. He fell out of our attic up here, I was walking around and heard something
scratching at the ceiling and it sounded like a kitten, of course my boyfriend figured I was
crazy, yeah right, so I was calling and scratching, and he was following me. But naturally
when he talked to the ceiling it stopped. Well one day when I heard the sound, he finally
heard it and then knew I wasn't nuts. Then we stopped hearing it, the next time
we heard it it was coming from the back door, I opened the door and there he was.
Darting in and out of the door. Jim could hold him in his hands and he fit under his beard
you could only see his butt and tail. He would nuzzle under his chin and beard and
suckle there. But now he is a whopping 15.2 pounds and loves to play fetch with his
mousey and still loves to nuzzle with his Dad, although now you see most of him under
the beard. LOL. When he lies on his back, he looks like a totally different cat, his colour
is just totally different, strange cat, but loveable. My big Tiger Kat. He is a jealous boy,
he has to have your lap or total attention and wants to have his Mommy and Daddy home,
if he sees me packing he packs himself in the bag many times. He gets along pretty
well with Shadow and Scooter. Slippers runs from him, but as I said, Oscar taught him
a lot of pretty good tricks and left his legacy with him. LOL.

Today 2009, Tiger is now 18 lbs. at not quite 1 1/2 yrs.or better
and now has 8 other cats to play with but feels he is the boss of the house, he still sleeps
with Jim and tries his best to get under his beard, but he can't so he tries to snuggle
with him and loves his "daddy".

He does his "tricks" when Jim comes in the house,
he does somersaults a running somersault for Jim, it's so funny, but Jim rewards him with
a pet and picks him up and they give each other a hug.

Today 2011 Jan. Tiger Kat is probably about 28 lbs. but he is NOT
a small cat that is big
he is a big cat that is big
we have also discovered that he is part Maine Coon and something else
that gives him that size and the size of his paws
I'll tell you what watching Cats 101 can teach you alot of information if you want
to learn it

Update 2017:

Tiger is now 10
and doing well, still moving but alittle slower
can still jump, and still run, I still can't catch him
still sleeps with his Daddy
Getting older

UPDATE 12/15/2020 Today is Jim's Birthday (Happy 69th Birthday, my love)

Tiger is now 13 and seems to be doing ok, all I can do is Keep my fingers
Crossed and hope and pray that nothing goes wrong
of course we know how that works, so please keep
the big boy in your prayers
We all need that One
This is Jim's Big Man

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