Welcome to Realm of the White Wolf!!!!!

We have come to the page I enjoy sharing the most
because it involves sharing my furbabies with you,
they bring you comfort and peace when all else is crazy
Their love is unconditional they will love you no matter how much you hollar at them
or whether you shoe them off the bed, they will love you
Mine have brought me much joy and happiness over the years
I have had many furbabies
Some are still alive and unfortunately some have crossed over that Rainbow Bridge
and wait for me to get there
Their purrs are like magic to not only our ears but our hearts and souls.

The picture is of Harry, Oscar and Slippers, she and her brother, Shadow Kat

She loved my big boy, Oscar and thought he was her big brother.
Unfortunately when I moved to NY, she had to go with us
And then came all the other cats, not all the bengals,
But Tiger didn't help the situation
Slippers was very skiddish and very much needed to be an only cat
Being in a household with this many cats got to be too much
So when my daughter, picked up her cat,Gizmo, I made her pick up
Slippers, who Heather told me is now an only cat, being treated like a princess
By an older woman. Slippers you deserve it, baby

Update: 2018
Jan. 2018
I found out from my daughter, from the lady who had Slippers
that Slippers had passed the beginning of Jan, this year
She had lived a wonderful life, pampered, and loved.
Cared for, with no other cats around to harass her
Unfortunately she died from stomach cancer, she was 11 years old
But she was well loved and cared for
And that's all you can ask for
Shadow's only brother, Bear, is also dead as are his other sisters,
So Shadow is the last one standing

She is now as old as Shadow, she is 11.

The links below I will take you to visit with
furbabies that are have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge and wait for me.
Please enjoy your visit with them

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