Welcome to Realm of the White Wolf!!!!!

We have come to the page I enjoy sharing the most because it involves
sharing my furbabies with you, they bring you comfort and peace when all else
is crazy Their love is unconditional they will love you no matter how much
you hollar at them or whether you shoe them off the bed, they will love you
Mine have brought me much joy and happiness over the years I have
had many furbabies Some are still alive and unfortunately some have
crossed over that Rainbow Bridge and wait for me to get there
Their purrs are like magic to not only our ears but our hearts and souls

This is Roo, I have no clue what he is
A friend of Jim's was crawling around in his attic
chasing this sound and found this little newborn kitten
called us in the middle of the night asking if I had milk
and brought him over, he barely was the length of your hand
orange fur and crying loudly. Well we kept him and fed him
and the grand daughter named him "Hikaru", Roo for short
Suddenly he lost all his fur and became bald, took him to the vet
he gave us something and now look at him, a big ball of orange fur
He will be 2 this year 2012
Our cats this year will be
Shadow and Slippers(my daughter has Slippers)-6
Haku and Kaori-3
I will be getting a new little bengal boy this summer.

We recently had to get RooRoo shaved because he had so many knots
and found he was infested with fleas
he had been bitten by a parasitic flea which was deadly to him
So my beautiful little boy died 12/14/12, I could not let him suffer
I had to put him down, he was seizing up on me
Although the Vet was trying so much to help
there was nothing we could do
So he joins the others
Over the Rainbow Bridge

I have just started screaming at God
And told him it's not fair to take all my furbabies away

My sister tells me God has big shoulders and it's okay

The links below I will take you to visit with
furbabies that are have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge and wait for me.
Please enjoy your visit with them

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