Welcome to Realm of the White Wolf!!!!!

As we walk through life most are unaware of what we cannot see
but mind you they see you and pay attention to all you do.
Dare you to follow them into their world???

Hopefully by bringing the plight of these animals in the world
It will make you more aware of what you still have around you.
Don't take it foregranted that things will stay the same, they don't!!!
We must be advocates for those with NO voice,
If we don't NO ONE will and they will be lost forever.
Read up on it and pay attention
Please take the time to DO something, it only takes ONE to start
the ball rolling and we need that ball rolling or there will be no WILD left
in the wildlife or woods

Welcome to this page, again we are back to the Marine Life
did you ever stop to think what it means to you?
probably not you are not paying attention you are too full
of yourself and all that is around you
to pay attention to something that doesn't involve you
but it does, whether or not you want to believe it or not it does
From Alaska to your home town it involves you
You need to start doing your bit to learn all you can about how to save all that is Marine Life
so that it will not vanish from the face of this earth
Species will be gone and will not come back, but of course us humans say who cares
but what if it was US???
Then would we care???

This is what happens when we throw stuff
and plastics into the waterways or oceans

Please take the wolf and send her on her way around the world to continue her walk
in the name of the plight of the animals who cannot speak
for themselves yet continue to die at the hands of humans.

A Lakota Prayer

Great Spirit, you are everything
And yet above everything
You are first and always have been
Through you our children will have strong hearts
And they will walk the straight path in a sacred manner
Help me to walk the sacred path of life
Without difficulty
With my mind and heart continually fixed on you!

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