Our lives are so short in terms of this mortal world
There is no room for being petty
But you always need to be honest and open and true to your heart and soul
It shouldn’t take a crisis for us to tell those we care about how we feel.
But that is the way it always works out
Open your heart and soul now
There in the depths you will find the truth you seek
There you will find peace in knowing
Tell it from the deepest part of your soul
Set your feelings free own them
For those we care about have that right to embrace or deny them
I have walked that path with a dying spouse
Never knowing which day would be his last
Knowing it would my road, my journey and not ours into the future
I have journeyed forward to where I am now
Along the way learned a few lessons of life and death
Before another second passes
I want to tell my family how blessed I am to have you as part of my family
You have been there for me many times over
I want to tell all my friends how much you have meant to me over the years
You have stood beside me no matter what
To all my classmates I want to tell you how much you have meant to me over the years since our
school days and through all those trials and victories of just making it to graduation.
I care and worry about each and every one of you
And to that special person when you are found
Before another moment passes and I may not live another day
I will need to open my soul to you
I will care about you very deeply
From the inner most part of my soul
With a love that will have transcended the barriers of time and space
And has been knitted through time
Though it may never be returned
My love is unconditional through eternity
This you can trust
For no matter where you go or where you are
I will always be with you if only over your shoulder, only a breath away
I don’t love you and I don’t care about my friends because I need to be with you
But know that I will love you and I care about my friends
Because I don’t want to be without you in my life
Be honest and true to yourself
Open your soul and let it ride
Go out on a limb without a net
Take a chance
Learn how to live
Face your fears
What you find may surprise you


To all my family and friends,
And to that special and wonderful man who at some point will enter my life
Know that I always speak from the soul
Anything else would be a lie
And not worthy of being heard

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