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We are all in God's hands all of our lives, when we least expect it.
This page will give you many places to go in times of need.
But please remember don't go to God ONLY in times of need, but always.
He is our Father, and wants His children to come to him always.
He loves us all, good or bad.

There are some Prayers to prayer sites if you need prayer or know someone who needs prayer, please use them,
never be ashamed to call out to God for help. We all call out to God in times of need, but we never call
out to God when we are happy to thank him for the happy
and joyful times in our lives, let's give him the
thanks and praise he deserves for giving us the lives we have. He surrounds us with his love and his mercy.
For only when we truly face the unknown situations of our lives do we understand the depth of our lives
. We need to walk with him everyday and acknowledge him in everything we do. Let him lead, let him carry
you when you can't walk. Let him be in control, for you can't control your life, you can control certain things,
but he controls everything, let him be in control. When we are in control we manage to screw it up.
Let God be your main purpose for being.

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The Master's Card


"There are some things that money can't buy,
for everything else there's always "Master Card."
I'm sure you've all seen the commercials on TV.
We'll I'm not unlike those agencies
promoting their favorite card.

You see,
my life is a commerical
for others to see.
I'm a card carrying representative
for the Master's Card.
That's right, the Master's Card.

Let me tell you about it.
There are no finance charge,
no payments due,
My bills has already been covered...
It's a pre-paid deal.
I couldn't afford the price,
so Jesus stepped-in and paid it for me.

My name is written
on the card for all to see.
It is accessible twenty-four hours
a day from anywhere in the world.
The Master's Card has many benefits,
it's hard to list them all.
Let me share some of them with you...
You might want to apply
for a personal card yourself.
Just for starters there is Unknown Grace.

That's right,
there is no present limit
to the amount of grace
you receive from the Master's Card.
Have you been looking for love
in all the wrong places?
Then, look no further
than the Master's Card.
It offers the greatest rate
on love that has ever been offered.

The Master's Card gives access
to many "members only" benefits.
Want real joy despite
the difficulties of life?
Apply for the Master's Card.
Want lasting peace?
Apply for the Master's Card.
Looking for something you
can always rely on in a jam?

The "Master's Card"
is perfect for you,
another great thing about
the "Master's Card"
is that it never expires.
Once you're a member,
you're a member for life...
eternal life, that is.
Membership has it's privileges, you know.

How to receive the "Master's Card"
Dial 1-800-John-6:47
(Truly, I say to you,
he who believes has eternal life.)
"Most assuredly,
I say to you,
He who believes in Me has eternal life."
Jesus is standing by right now
to take your credit call.
Don't delay,
This great offer won't last only
until you die or Jesus returns.

Peace, Joy and Hope:
Invaluable Faith,
Assurance Investimable Salvation:
yes ,there are some things money can buy.
But for these other Jewels of life,
There's the Master's Card.
Why not be an advertisement
for The Master's Card?
Let your life be
a commercial today
for Jesus Christ.

~Author Known To God~

Card Made By

Kentucky_Lady4 Website

(**If you want the card, please upload to your own PC.**)

"Smile, remember God Loves You"

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