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~I Dreamed You~


This is a poem I wrote for a co-worker, Tina and her hubby for their anniversary in 2001

Mystery and ancient belief lie beyond
In a realm that breeches the barriers of time and space
It is there that dreams are borne and fate sealed
In sleep, a voice like the shrill cry of the wolf called me
And the breath was like the whisper of the wind across my face
A touch of a hand led me to the edge of life
Across the misty veil, I saw him, my dream boy
Playing with a little girl in the sand, was that me?
His skin was golden brown, matching his hair
His eyes twinkled, crinkling at the corners when he laughed
When he turned to look at me
It was like a rush of cold air through my body
For there in his eyes, I saw a life past
He could make me laugh, smile and love
As he reached out and took my hand
I could feel myself being taken into his heart
As I looked deeper into his eyes I could see to the depths of his soul
I knew him
My pulse quickened, my heart pounded
He was strong, gentle and kind
When he spoke, his voice was like the whisper of the wind
His touch set my skin afire, my heart soared and laughter filled my soul
As he cupped my face in his hands and called me beautiful
In that moment his lips promised we would be together

Time past, I wondered had I dreamed him?
Deep inside I knew the answer, but it was lost to me now
It seemed like ages past and memories begin to fade
Soon the reality of life begins to take hold
Believing I had fallen in love with my dream boy
He who haunted my nights and owned my soul
We did laugh, and love, but in truth it was not him
So you hide behind the masks of pretense
Until the soul cries for release and truth
As I slept I reached out and summoned my dream to my soul
It has brought me to the edge of life in this mortal realm
In the chill of the night a voice called me to follow
In a clearing, the moon filters through the trees
With a haunting glow it illumines the night
And I know he is there
There in his eyes I see the past, present and future
In the deepest part of his soul do I know him
The anguish of his heart have I stilled
In a blinding explosion have I consumed him
In the silence can I hear the pounding of his heart
Reaching forth taking my hand in his
I feel my heart sing and laugh, I know my destiny
There in the shadows of the night my dream boy reaches out
And takes the little girl by the hand
As he claims her forever his
Found by fate, bound by destiny
Passion and love has shattered the boundaries and transcended the veil
With each breath united to him, I fill him with my presence
For I have seen and know my dream boy has followed me across time
We are One

Please take the wolf and send her on her way around the world to continue her walk
in the name of the plight of the animals who cannot speak
for themselves yet continue to die at the hands of humans.

A Lakota Prayer

Great Spirit, you are everything
And yet above everything
You are first and always have been
Through you our children will have strong hearts
And they will walk the straight path in a sacred manner
Help me to walk the sacred path of life
Without difficulty
With my mind and heart continually fixed on you!

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