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The Native Americans used Herbal Remedies as cures for ailments
and they were made with items found in nature.
I hope you find something here that will be of use to you.
Please remember that before you try one of these
to check with your doctor first and if the ailment persists
to seek medical help. I will introduce you to Totem Power Stones.
I will tell you about crystals and the crystal connection dealing with chakras of the body

These are Herbal Remedies for every stage of life.
These come from a book titled "American Indian Healing Arts, herbs, rituals and remedies for every stage of life"
by E. Barrie Kavasch and Karen Baar


These pages will be something different. I am going to try to bring you pages with some herbs,
and remedies for every season of life. These are brought to you from a wonderful book I have,
called "American Indian Healing Arts" by E. Barrie Kavasch and Karen Baar.
The Indians were well noted for their herbal remedies and healing skills.
If any of you have ones of your own that are Natural, please let me know and I will add them here.
Also I will bring you several other things about Native Americans
and their becoming closer to their Native Mother Earth and Father Sky.
Please be patient as this page may take time to grow.


Earth Remedies for Puberty

This is about puberty a time of life of change for both boys and girls.
Moving beyond the child yet retaining the child within.
Ceremonies were held by most tribes as children moved into this phase of their life
for it was looked forward to with joy. Many tribes considered woman to have great power
when they were menstruating and taboos.
Many tribes and a special tipi in which the woman stayed until her time was over.


~Early Sanitary Pads~

We may like our modern ways but the resourcefulness and smarts
of Native American women was astounding.
In finding sanitary protection and padding during their menses was fascinating.
What women used varied from region to region, many natural substances
with antiseptic virtues as well as purifying fragrances were readily available.
Sphagnum mosses and other thick, clumping mosses were abundant
in some areas, and woman used and reused them, washing them out and drying them in the sun.
In similar fashion, they also used shredded, softened cedar bark, sometimes placing rip
cattail fluff inside a wad of shredded bark. In the West, where sage abounds,
women used peeled sage bark and leaves or softened grasses wadded
inside strips of tanned animal skins or bound within young corn husks.

The following remedies provide helpful relief for some of the body's needs during puberty.
Some herbal medicines have many personalities and can be as beneficial
inside our bodies as outside. Many are especially fine when rubbed
on troubled skin rashes or massaged into sore muscles or aching backs.


Crampbark Teas and rubs for Muscle spasms

This tea is a multipurpose, unisex remedy, since it is as good sipped as
it is gently rubbed on the body. Young women can relieve menstrual cramps
by sipping this gentle decoction of the bark of crampbark.

Measure the dried bark into the bottom of an 8 ounce teapot.
Pour boiling water over it. Cover and steep for 10 minutes.
Strain this into a cup and sip as needed throughout the day.

1 rounded tablespoon dried crampbark or black haw bark
8 ounces of boiling water


You can steep this decoction for a longer time if you want to use it
as a lotion or a poultice on sore muscles or other areas where you have aches or pains.


Mayan Cramp Relief Tea

The root of wild yam has been used to treat painful menses.
Wild yam can act as a diuretic and teas and tinctures
made from it are also effective treatments for indigestion.

Measure the roots into the bottom of an 8 ounce pot.
Pour boiling water over them. Cover and steep for 5 to 10 minutes.
Strain this into a cup and sip it throughout the day to ease cramps.

1 tablespoon dried chopped roots of wild yam
8 ounces of boiling water


Restorative Baths and Skin Washes

You can add healing herbs to a hot bath to relax and soothe irritated
skin and sore muscles or just to improve general skin tone and comfort.
A generous handful of fresh chickweed crushed and tied in a
cotton cloth and immersed in a hot bathtub provides relief for eczema
will even ease the irritation caused by stinging nettles.
The summer blossoms of calendula are soothing for eczema and acne.
Allow yourself to soak for 15 to 20 minutes in a bath of hot water in
which you have immersed a generous handful of fresh blossoms,
crushed and tied in a cotton cloth.


Yucca Root and Cornmeal Facial Mask

Yucca root shampoo mixed with fine cornmeal makes a cleansing,
healing skin wash that helps to feed and tone the skin,
and is especially good for clearing up facial blemishes.

1 tablespoon pounded or beaten yucca roots ( you can do this in a blender)
1 teaspoon fine cornmeal

Mix ingredients together and work into a paste, add water if it seems too dry
Gently pat the mixture all over your face and especially on trouble spots,
making a mask. You can even put some under your chin and areas
of the neck that need attention. Rest for 10 to 15 minutes if possible.
Then gently wash off all of the herbal mask with cool water to
close the skin pores. Pat your skin dry, or allow to air dry.

I hope these help some, if you have others that you have
discovered please let me know and I will be more than happy to add them to my list.
Blessed Be.

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