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The Native Americans used Herbal Remedies as cures for ailments
and they were made with items found in nature.
I hope you find something here that will be of use to you.
Please remember that before you try one of these
to check with your doctor first and if the ailment persists
to seek medical help. I will introduce you to Totem Power Stones.
I will tell you about crystals and the crystal connection dealing with chakras of the body

These are Herbal Remedies for every stage of life.
These come from a book titled "American Indian Healing Arts, herbs, rituals and remedies for every stage of life"
by E. Barrie Kavasch and Karen Baar


These pages will be something different. I am going to try to bring you pages with some herbs,
and remedies for every season of life. These are brought to you from a wonderful book I have,
called "American Indian Healing Arts" by E. Barrie Kavasch and Karen Baar.
The Indians were well noted for their herbal remedies and healing skills.
If any of you have ones of your own that are Natural, please let me know and I will add them here.
Also I will bring you several other things about Native Americans
and their becoming closer to their Native Mother Earth and Father Sky.
Please be patient as this page may take time to grow.


American Indians used honey or maple syrup to treat a variety of babies' needs.
If an infant was cranky, they placed a small amount on her lips
or tongue to calm and nourish her. Alternatively, they might give irritable
infant mildly sweetened water or particular herbal teas to pacify her and help her sleep.

Raw honey should NOT be given internally to infants or babies
in their first year out of concern for health problems
such as allergic reactions or the possibility of infection.
Also and most important: these are remedies used by Native Americans,
they knew what to look for and how to use it, please if something
serious is suspected seek the advice of a doctor.
Also please DO NOT go out into the woods to gather your herbs
or other things for the remedies, seek out a reputable organic grocery or farm that can help you.

The Native Americans used Earth Remedies for all stages of life.

For babies and infants:

What follows are recipes based on American Indian practices.
In addition to treating a variety of ailments, you can use these light
skin preparations and herbal tea washes while massaging your baby.
Gently massage the infant's chest and abdomen as well as the back,
buttocks, arms and legs to promote good circulation and stimulate
good muscle tone and development. At the end of each day bathe your infant
with pure, clean water to remove any residue from these treatments.
After drying, dust your child with a clean herbal powder.


Earth Mother Herbal Powder

Like parents today, many Indian mothers used massage to naturally
bond with their children and to exercise their babies after many hours
spend in their cradleboard. They often used protective
powders like this one as part of the process.

You can also use this mild powder both to keep creases
and other moist areas of your baby's skin dry and to soothe the
irritation from lingering rashes. It is especially useful when you put
it on your baby's bottom, under his arms, or in other spots where heat rash flares up.
Sage is a purifier and it also adds a light fragrance.
Use the powder by lightly sprinkling it onto the baby's skin and gently rubbing it in.

2 c. of fine cornstarch
1/4 c. of fine ground sage
Blend well.
Cover and store in a small, clean jar.


Dry-Roasted Cornmeal Talc

Here is an alternative to cornstarch powder that you can also use
as a skin treatment and to absorb moisture. It's best to make
this frequently-once or twice a week-so that is stays fresh. It’s easy to do.

Roast 1 to 2 c. of fine cornmeal on top of the stove in a clean,
dry skillet, shaking frequently to prevent burning.

Or spread the cornmeal on a clean cookie sheet and roast at 325
for about 15 mins. Or less. The cornmeal is done when
it becomes light brown or honey colored. Store in an airtight container.


Strawberry/Raspberry Leaf Tea

This herbal tea and its variations are mild and can be used,
in moderation for infants. Massage any of them onto your baby'’
gums to ease teething pains. If you're nursing, you can use
the tea as a digestive aid. And if your baby is colicky or has diarrhea
drink some yourself and give the baby some, lukewarm, a small spoonful at a time.

Strawberry/Raspberry leaf tea also makes a pleasant,
mild skin wash for infants. To treat scalp irritations such as cradle cap,
use this tea, with a small amount of honey added, once or twice a day.
Lightly sprinkle the tea on your child's head and gently rub it in.
Leave on for ten minutes to half an hour then rinse with plain water or
unsweetened tea to lubricate the skin and wash away any stickiness.

In a clean port, pour the boiling water over the herbs.
Cover and steep for five minutes or more. Strain and use as needed,
warm or chilled: add maple syrup to sweeten, if desired.

Variation: Use 1/8 c. to 1/4 c. dried mint leaves for a cooling analgesic effect.

Variation: Use 1/8 c. fresh or 1 Tbs. Dried slippery elm bark or willow bark.
When made into a light tea, the smooth young inner bark of these trees
is a good pain reliever: rubbed on the skin, it relieves heat or diaper rash.

To make one pot:

1/2 c. fresh raspberry and/ or strawberry leaves, or 1/4 c. dried
16 oz. Boiling water

If you are picking your own, be sure to select clean, nonmildewed,
healthy leaves that you know have no been sprayed or otherwise polluted.
Never pick from plants growing by the roadside.


Honey-Water Lotion

This is a soothing lotion that calms burns and rashes;
it is also antibacterial. But is should not be used on highly sensitive skin
or where there are open wounds. Apply the lotion on the skin,
as needed, one tablespoonful at a time, and gently massage it in.
For diaper rash, use some with each diaper change;
if your child has highly sensitive skin, use it only once a day.

You can also use this lotion to treat digestive problems by
applying it to the baby's abdomen and softly
massaging clockwise and then counter-clockwise.


Melt the honey in hot water along with the bee propolis and lemon juice.
Stir until thoroughly blended and dissolved. Pour into a sterile 8 oz. Bottle or jar.

Variation: For diaper rash, substitute black tea or green tea for the liquid.
Their tannins will calm the inflammation.

1 Tbs. Natural honey
1 c. strawberry/raspberry tea or plain hot water
1 tsp. Bee propolis (optional)
1/2 tsp. Lemon juice (optional-it adds a cleansing benefit)

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