Welcome to Realm of the White Wolf!!!!!

We have come to the page I enjoy sharing the most
because it involves sharing my furbabies with you,
they bring you comfort and peace when all else is crazy
Their love is unconditional they will love you no matter how much you hollar at them
or whether you shoe them off the bed, they will love you
Mine have brought me much joy and happiness over the years
I have had many furbabies
Some are still alive and unfortunately some have crossed over that Rainbow Bridge
and wait for me to get there
Their purrs are like magic to not only our ears but our hearts and souls.

Unfortunately this morning 12/14/2020 it pains me that I have to put my beautiful
little (now 12 year old snow bengal) down.
Yesterday, which was Sunday, he literally shot out from under the bed
and was dragging his back legs " he was crippled"
I called my vet at home and told him what was going on at 6:45 am
he told me to be at the office by 8:am, and I was with my husband carrying
the carrier with Haku in it
What we discovered was after some testing and other things
Was that what had happened
Was that my beautiful boy HAD
Thrown a Blood Clot down his spine
Which was called an "Aortic Thromboembolism"
Basically saying there is only so much you or the Vet
Can do
And the cat is in PAIN
I went home leaving my boy there, to let my vet try his best
Went home knowing what I needed to do, prayed about it
Cried about it, and called some dear friends for support
I knew what I had to do, this is the part I hate
About being a pet parent
Is saying Good-bye
But I am not in control
I am only in control of what I can do on this earth
The rest is in God's Hands
God's Speed, My Handsome Boy
I will see you across The Rainbow Bridge

Haku is my snow bengal, his full name is Haku Minninnewah Piyup, which is
Japanese, Cheyenne and Blackfoot and means "White, Whirlwind Little Brother",
which is what he is. He is also named for one of the Sawtooth Wolf Pack wolves.
and he was born 5/27/09 from the same breeder as the others. He is beautiful and
will eventually look like a white tiger. He has blue eyes and his mother was a snow lynx
with some siamese in her, he is a muscular kitten. He loves playing with Wyakin and
his older sister "Ki". I have 3 bengals
with the loss of Wyakin in March of 2017. besides my other
4 cats
Jessie now lives with her Suchi, Turkish Van kitten. So we have quite a houseful.

This was the Sawtooth Wolf, Piyip, Haku is named after.
Piyip died 2013 at the ripe old age of 16.
He was the Last of the Sawtooth Wolf Pack.

And this is my baby bengal, who has appeared to have gotten older now
He is now 8 yrs old, this was taken about 2 yrs ago

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