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The links on this page will take you several places which I hope you enjoy.
The Native Americans used Herbal Remedies as cures for ailments
and they were made with items found in nature.
I hope you find something here that will be of use to you.
Please remember that before you try one of these
to check with your doctor first and if the ailment persists
to seek medical help. I will introduce you to Totem Power Stones.
I will tell you about crystals and the crystal connection dealing with chakras of the body

On this page, I have given you a chart that I picked up at Indian Summer.
It is a chart on Crystal Connections. Crystal influences are associated
with a Chakra center, a healing vibration and a Zodiac Sign.
These tables I have shown below. Crystals are the keys that open
the locks to our spiritual, emotional and physical energies.
They allow us to harmonize with our universe. Certain stones/gems
possess specific qualities to attract beneficial vibrations
or to protect against negativity. I hope these charts help.
Crystals are part of many beliefs.
I for one carry my Healing Stones as part of my belief.
As a Half Native Apache Shaman

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