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I was recently at my 50th High School Reunion
and it was really an adventure.

I was amazed to see so many classmates and to sit and talk with them after so many years.
I actually had a good time.
I realized I miss my little hometown
I really do miss it.
I had been to my 35th, 40th and 45th, but when you really sit and think
about it 50 is a really long time to look back on things. So you better make the best of it.
You only do 50 ONCE!

So In Memory of those we have lost since

~In Memory of a Classmate~


~ On The Wings of Angels~

Our lives are the space between the date of our birth and our death
This is the measure of our time here
It seems like such a short time
But I could call you all by name
Such fun times we had
As we created our own special times
Through grade school
Then on to middle school
Then thankfully we made it through graduation
I never imagined that my life would be so short
But we each are given a path to walk
A journey to travel
Not just on the outside
But on the inside
In the very depths of our souls
Sickness enveloped me
My family and friends cried when I suffered
I cried "No!" because it hurt
Somewhere in the middle of my pain and fear
I heard a voice calling me, it was my Father
He was calling me to come home, to be with HIM
He told me I had suffered enough
He was taking me to a place
Where there is no pain or suffering
The road to death is hard
Just like our lives
I didn't want to leave, but I didn't want the pain
But I knew He has a purpose for everything
Nothing happens except by the Hand of our Creator
But with friends near to talk to
Who have walked that road before, was a blessing
I knew the Creator had sent them to me
I wondered did I love enough
Had I cared enough?
Did I do what the Creator wanted me to?
I must've if He was taking me home
Did I tell all those who meant so much to me how I truly felt?
I hope they all know
I hope it showed in my life
Although I am in a place of joy and peace
I know your pain has just begun
Look at me, I have wings
I can fly with the rest of them
Know that I travel a different path
Even in that I will always walk beside you
I am only a breath away
Over your shoulder
When I see you again, don't be afraid
For I will be waiting here for you
To hold your hand
Through eternity

In memory of our classmate, Linda Stuck, GHS graduate 1969
You will be missed

This poem was written, has been published and is copyrighted by Doris Barnes
I read this at Linda's memorial service.

Lessons of Courage

Of the lessons I've learned from those big or small
The lesson of courage is the best of all
To take what life gives them in moments of years,
And share their love with those they hold dear
And when their trials are over and through
They move to another plain with even more work to do
Their work is a blessing to you and to me
To watch over us and keep us as safe as can be
So when you see a rain drop filled with sun
Just remember those of courage and the battles they have won

For all the classmates we have lost over the years, we will miss you all.

Dorie Barnes
Dave Boston
Greg Cresswell
Kara Sue Eich
Vesta Elliot Fisher
Ron Foust
Jim Gibson
Dave Keller
Bob Kovac
John Lopochonsky
Bob McCarrier
Sue Paulovkin Larson
Larry Stevenson
Margaret Pifer Holler
Dan Specht
Larry Stevenson
Linda Stuck Rickenberg
Alfred Johnson
William Snodgrass
Wendy Wilson
Our Class Advisor: Arlene Zonarich

Nancy Best
Don Beilstein
John Koren
Mark Leasure
James Leskovac
Katherine Riley
Robert McCarrier
Annette Stanfa
Jim Williams

We note the absence of these deceased classmates and friends.
We mourn their passing and honor their memories.

Please tell those you care about how you feel about them, this way they will always know


Please take the wolf and send her on her way around the world to continue her walk
in the name of the plight of the animals who cannot speak
for themselves yet continue to die at the hands of humans.

A Lakota Prayer

Great Spirit, you are everything
And yet above everything
You are first and always have been
Through you our children will have strong hearts
And they will walk the straight path in a sacred manner
Help me to walk the sacred path of life
Without difficulty
With my mind and heart continually fixed on you!

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