Welcome to Realm of the White Wolf!!!!!

We have come to the page I enjoy sharing the most
because it involves sharing my furbabies with you,
they bring you comfort and peace when all else is crazy
Their love is unconditional they will love you no matter how much you hollar at them
or whether you shoe them off the bed, they will love you
Mine have brought me much joy and happiness over the years
I have had many furbabies
Some are still alive and unfortunately some have crossed over that Rainbow Bridge
and wait for me to get there
Their purrs are like magic to not only our ears but our hearts and souls.

~My Beloved Pet~


Written by Victoria B. Novak
In memory of Boots, my cat 1999

With your small little body all covered with fur
Your eyes so big and golden in colour
You stole my heart, for you looked into my soul
And told me you belonged to me
I always made sure you had fresh food to keep you healthy
And you had a soft bed to sleep upon
Even if it was my bed, as you laid and played with my toes
You gave me happiness
And a love that was beyond this mortal world in understanding
You sat in my lap and purred when I petted you
Your purring was the most beautiful and soothing sound
I hope you know that I loved you and treated you kindly
I wish you could be with me always
But I know your life is short in this lifetime
I will stand by you till the end
I will not let you suffer,
For that would pain me too much
Your leaving will be gentle and loving
And I will hold you and bid you farewell
Knowing that although my pain begins
Yours has ended
Know that our time together was precious and beautiful
And that you made a difference in my life for all times
As you draw your last, know that I will see you again
For beyond this mortal realm I know that you will be waiting
Upon my arrival you will once more be with me
To sit in my lap and let me pet you throughout eternity
And in knowing that, I am at peace
Go now my furry friend who has given me life
And know that I will be with you soon

In 1970 I found a kitten,His name was Little T
and he had the longest tail I'd ever seen on a cat
, he also was a stray. He was named after Tawny,
who was a childhood cat my sister and I
had when we were younger.
He was the most beautiful tawny coloured kitten.
He had a lot of spunk and was
tireless in play. Unfortunately we could not
keep him because my husband's mother
.convinced him that having a kitten around
a baby was not a good idea,
that was a battle I
could not win. So I had to give him
to a friend of mine who lived
on a farm. Unfortunately he got
into something that
was laced with poison and he died.
So it would be nice to think
that he and my Dad are doing this again.

Bandy, he died at 15 in 1990, we did not have the luxury of giving him peace.
He died howling in my arms, which was horrible. He had been diagnosed with
a heart murmur when he was young, so we watched that. But he became so
anxious and hyper each time he went to the vets till finally one time he never
made it back the next day. He was given to us by our mailman from his dogs litter,
he was part Yorkie and Schnauzer. He loved to play with my kids when they were
little and he also protected them and his Mom. They all played out in the yard
and Bandy had to be in on everything and in everyone's face. He was a very
friendly dog. I miss him. So Bandy has joined his mother and his sister.
He was a lovely black dog who loved his human Mom and slept on my bed and
played with and protected my kids. Now he and Boots are playing in the stars.

Boots, she was a beautiful multi-coloured cat, when you looked at her face
it was if someone made it up as they went along.
She was a very quiet and stealthy cat,
very light of foot. Her biggest thrill was jumping up into the kitchen sink and drinking
the milk from the cereal bowls that were there.
She was a stray and barely a year old
when she came to us. She had been left in a house when the neighbors moved,
then she somehow got out and took to Bandy. She would wait by the front door for me
to take him out, she would then follow him around the yard while he did his business,
then again wait by the front door till the next time. However, one day we just brought
her in. She was a finicky cat and took to our son, Bob and practically lived with him
in his room. She had developed a herniated bladder and a perforated stomach in such
a short time that the vet said the only kind and loving thing to do was let her go home.
Reluctantly we did. That was in 1998, she was 14. She loved playing with our
other dog, Harry, she would snuggle with him because he was warmer than she was.
She was a wonderfully intelligent cat and she will be missed.

who at 15 lost his fight for life. He had been sick for almost a month,
but with some TLC and vet care managed to cope, but Friday, Sept. 20, 2002
he began staggering and falling and that was our sign that the time had come.

Riggs had come to us by a fluke, he use to wait and follow our old dog around the yard.
But one day Joe, shooed him away and he almost got killed by a car.
So Joe feeling guilty went in search of him.
Around 2am he found him and brought him in, and he became Joe's cat
and never left his side until alittle before he died.
I called him Riggs, short for Martin Riggs because of his courage.
He and Boots didn't always get along but they learned to tolerate each other fairly well.

Then he became frightened and confused and hid,
Joe had lost his buddy. He had come through a fight two years earlier with his teeth
and had courageously made the fight back. But this was a fight that we couldn't win.
We never really knew what it was even the vet didn't
but their best guess was renal failure.
I was feeding him like a baby with using a syringe for the food
which he ate at first and providing IV fluids, but it just wasn't enough.
One Friday morning when I left to run an errand, my daughter came up to take the dog out.
For about 3 weeks before then Riggs had taken refuge on my bed
and it had become like a kitty infirmary he felt safe there.
When I got back, Heather told me I needed to look at him.
He was staggering and falling and was shaking so badly and couldn't focus.
I woke Joe up and showed him what was going on.
It was now up to us to do right by him.
He had to go back to the vets one last time.
He had given us year of unconditional and undying love,
now it was up to us to love him back.
He had come from God, now it was time to let him go home.
He now resides in a place where there is no pain or worry.
I'm sure my Dad will make sure he will never be lonely or get lost again.
I know that Riggs will be waiting there for Joe and will see him safely home
and the two of them will never be parted again.
Until we all meet again, Riggs

It's just strange how things work,
almost two years to the date of when Joe had to put Riggs down,
Joe passed on and I know that Riggs has found his spot
beside Joe once more and both are happy again.

We lost our flame point siamese boy, Riggs in 2002, 2 years before my husband died,
it would be nice to think that those two are together again. Because everywhere Joe went
there was Riggs beside him. Joe was lost without Riggs when we put him down,
he had lost his buddy of 15 years.

Oscar, my golden eyed boy. He is now 14, 2007.
Also another rescue by Heather. He fit into the palm of her hand as she
lifted him up out of the street. Put him in her backpack and home he came.
We already had two cats and didn't really want another. He was infested with fleas
for one so little. My neighbor lady wanted him so he went with her.
Later I discovered she was abusing him and had even gone so far as throwing him
down some stairs and broken both of his hind legs at the hip.
Her boyfriend had tried to drowned him, their way of punishing him.
My hubby saw what had happened and brought him in with us.
He attached himself to me as his savior.
He is a beautiful cat with long fur and a personality to match.

In 2005 I moved from Pittsburgh after my husband died back to Greenville, Pa
and was there till 2007 then I moved to Forestville, NY to be with a wonderful man with
whom I love dearly and asked me to come and be with him. Naturally I took the cats with me.
Oscar was about 15 at that time, he survived for almost 6 months then slowly went down
hill and then began to lose weight and I had to put my precious boy down much to my dismay.
But he left a legacy behind, much to my joy. He had adopted a little boy kitten who fell out of our
attic and taught him many naughty tricks and some lovely antics which remind us that Oscar lives on.
I will miss my beautiful golden eyed boy, but I know he lives on in Tiger.

I lost my beautiful golden eyed boy, Oscar in 2007, Nov.1, I had moved up to NY with my
boyfriend James Parisio, who I will be marrying in Jan. 2009 and Oscar was the first one
I moved, he lasted about 4 months then went downhill and I had to put him down.
He was a beautiful black cat with golden eyes that could just melt you. I will miss you my boy

Harry, with the airplane ears, he is now 12, Nov. 2002,
he came to us because I missed Bandy after he died and wanted or needed
another dog, so a week later I went to a shelter and got him. He sleeps at the
foot of my bed and no matter where I go he is always there. I don't know if I will get
another dog when the time comes.
It's too hard on the soul,
but then not is also hard on the emotions.
He has been a blessing to his Mom and carried me through a range of emotions
by just knowing he is there.

Harry has crossed Rainbow Bridge and is with Joe and the other animals we have had,
he is at peace, he was 16 when I had to make that decision to put him down,
that is a decision I didn't want to make, but it was the best thing for him.
When the look of confusion in his eyes hits you and you don't see the spark of life
there it just kills you. I knew it was time, so did he,
it was like he was asking me to take
him to the vet asking me for help
the only way he could with those big brown eyes
filled with pain.
I will miss him and all the comfort he brought me.

Be at peace my big boy, Daddy will be there to take care of you.

Kimba, she is the deaf one. She came to us by way of Heather.
A friend of hers had a little 2 year old who was carrying her around by the neck,
so Heather took her before the boy could kill her.

At the time we acquired her, we already had gotten Oscar back into our family
and now had 3 cats and a dog, so this was quite alot for my poor husband, but I had
turned him into an animal lover years before. Kimba tormented poor Boots and played
with Oscar who was about the same age and they both played with Riggs who was like the
Daddy to them, it managed to keep him moving and young.

She has now taken her place beside Joe just like Riggs did. Almost as if she won't
leave his side. She is part persian and part himlyanian, fur as soft as a bunny.
Heather kept her up in her room for a while early on so Joe didn't know she was there,
and when we thought he might accept her we brought her down and he took to her fairly easily.


With Joe gone and I have moved and Heather is now with me. Kimba has taken to sleeping
back with Heather along with Scooter and Giz, so she is a happy camper.
She and Oscar are now 14, 2007.

We lost this precious girl Thanksgiving Day 2008, she was having problems and with
my daughter in Greenville, Pa. When Heather got home from work, she found she was gone,
we had her for a long time and she had been the last of the 4 cats that we had moved
from Pittsburgh, Pa when Joe died and I moved back home.

Now Riggs, Boots, Oscar, Harry, and now Kimba are together once more.

I hope they wait for us over the Rainbow Bridge. I can't wait to see them all again.
I miss them all. The fantastic 4 cats we ever had and the one dog who was one of the best dogs
that lived besides Bandy, maybe finally both these dogs can finally meet
and wait for Mommy over the Rainbow Bridge.
since she was Heather's cat. Kimba died Nov. 27, Thanksgiving Day. 2008.
Goodbye precious girl, may you all run and play again together over the Rainbow Bridge.

Sadly this day September 24, 2011 I woke to find my little wonderful Peanut's body lifeless,
and face down, I'm not quite sure what he suffered from, but he was dead
He had been my little man and my treasure to have around.
He was known as "the traveling cat"
He basically went everywhere with us, since his eating habits were unique
He seemed to always Need his Mommy.
It's hard now not to be needed by an animal such as him. He was always there underfoot
calling to me, following me, waking me up
Little Man, you will be missed so much, wait for Mommy over the Rainbow Bridge
His given name was Matsi Peanut
which meant"sweet and brave" in Blackfoot
and that he was through his short life
He was sweet and very brave for what he endured
May God hold you in his arms and place you in an angel's lap

Peanut is a brown bengal, he was my second one, the breeder asked me
if I would take him as a special needs cat because of the eating problem he was having,
so I did and she felt confident in my ability to take care of him. He was eating
Science diet A/D and he was the only one of the litter that had lived so he was the runt.
Neither she or I knew it at the time but later he would develop an eye problem due to the herpes
virus that all cats carry, and even with everything I did to prevent it he still lost an eye,
but the animal eye specialist was fantastic. Peanut is now eating regular food and the
crunchies and growing. I have given him the name Matsi which means sweet and brave,
it is Blackfoot and one of the names of the wolves from the Sawtooth Wolf Pack this is
my way of honoring them, but I call him Peanut. He was born 11/3/08 and will always be
the runt but we will love him..
He was sweet and very brave for what he endured
May God hold you in his arms and place you in an angel's lap

After Peanut died, I was lost and needed to fill that void
so I adopted a kitten-AbbyNut, from Tabby Town
She was a beautiful black kitten with big green eyes.
She was spunky and frisky and wanted to follow me around and be with me
Then suddenly something happened, something called FIP
She was suddenly looking huge like she had swallowed a balloon.
It was not a balloon, it was the FIP, but she did not test positive yet.
So I put her in a cage for her safety and my other cats safety
She was so unhappy there and wanted to come out and be with Mommy
I got her in October and by mid December she was in the cage.
The vet said wait till she is to that point and
then bring her in and we'll put her down.
That is a hard pill to swallow, 3wks later we got a second opinion.
That was the last time I held my little girl, she tested positive for FIP
It is fatal and there is no shot or cure for it.
He explained things and gave me several scenerios, none had a good outcome
So the only thing I could do was kiss her goodbye and let her go back to God
I have come to the conclusion that she was not put in my life
rather that I was put into her life
to care for her with all the love I could give
for the short time she had left and let her know a home and love
Baby Girl please know that I loved you unconditionally
and tried my best to do right by you
I will see you again over the Rainbow Bridge
for now play with Peanut and all the others that have gone before you
You are now whole as is Peanut so have fun till I get there.

Our Beautiful Roo, so many knots
then we found out he was infested with fleas
soon he began acting strange and the vet discovered
he had been bitten by a parasitic flea which was deadly to him
because of his compromised immune system from birth.
So he also, like Peanut, was only 3, and much loved.
So my beautiful little boy died 12/14/12, I could not let him suffer
I had to put him down, he was seizing up on me every 3-5 mins.
Although the Vet was trying so much to help
there was nothing we could do
So he joins the others
Over the Rainbow Bridge
I was devastated within a little over a year
I have lost 3 of my beloved cats, my heart is breaking with this loss
I don't want to go through this again, NOT like this

I have just started screaming at God
And told him it's not fair to take all my furbabies away

My sister tells me God has big shoulders and it's okay

My heart hangs heavy tonight 3/15/2017, Wyakin has gone home
Over the Rainbow Bridge, OMG, I miss him so much
he was my baby
He was going in for surgery, he had a mass
when the vet opened him
he found it was not only encapsulated but attached to his abdominal wall
and it could not be removed.
The only thing for me to do for him, was let him go home to the person
who has let me take care of him for the last 9 years of his life
And for that I am eternally gratefully

RIP WYAKIN whose name means "spirit-guide"

He was named after Wyakin one of the Sawtooth Wolf Pack wolves
whose name meant " spirit-guide" Wait for me my little ones, Over the Rainbow Bridge.

Wyakin is a silver bengal and was my first one, I have never bought a cat in my life,
but I just loved the look of them and wanted one, they are beautiful and just as loving as my
other cats. Wyakin is my smoozzzy cat, he cuddles with me and sleeps with us as does
Peanut now, his fur is so soft just like a bunny, he is what they call a tarnished silver bengal.
There are different types of bengals there are browns, brown/silvers, silvers, snows and now
they have long haired ones. I spelled his name wrong but his name is also Blackfoot and
is suppose to mean spirit guide and is in memory of one of the wolves from the Sawtooth
Wolf Pack. Bengals will get to be normally 16-20 lbs pure muscle. They are bred with
Asian leopards in the first generation called F1, from that generation down to F5 then
come the STD or standard which is what I have, but they still have some of the
wild in them. Their hindends are jacked up for running and are powerful, but they are
beautiful animals. Wyakin was born 10/23/08

Slippers loved my big boy, Oscar and thought he was her big brother.
Unfortunately when I moved to NY, she had to go with us
And then came all the other cats, not all the bengals,
But Tiger didn't help the situation
Slippers was very skiddish and very much needed to be an only cat
Being in a household with this many cats got to be too much
So when my daughter, picked up her cat,Gizmo, I made her pick up
Slippers, who Heather told me is now an only cat, being treated like a princess
By an older woman. Slippers you deserve it, baby

Update: 2018
Jan. 2018
I found out from my daughter, from the lady who had Slippers
that Slippers had passed the beginning of Jan, this year
She had lived a wonderful life, pampered, and loved.
Cared for, with no other cats around to harass her
Unfortunately she died from stomach cancer, she was 11 years old
But she was well loved and cared for
And that's all you can ask for
Shadow's only brother, Bear, is also dead as are his other sisters,
So Shadow is the last one standing

She is now as old as Shadow, she is 11.

Is a day I do not want to remember
I had to make that hard decision
But it was for the best for my little girl
We had been wondering what had been going on
Why she had been losing weight?
Why she had been screaming
Why she had been in a feeding frenzy
Even though she had been checked out
Several times
Finally through a couple of other tests
They found a cancerous tumor in her belly
It all had happened too fast and furious

May she go back to the God who made her
May she be at peace
No more being terrorized, by yourself, little girl
Be at peace, Little one
Wait for Me, over the Rainbow Bridge

Maybe then you will be able to come to me
And sit with me peacefully

Go and be with my other furbabies who also wait
for me over the Rainbow Bridge
They will keep you company
While you wait
You will find someone there to play with

Kaori is the only female bengal I have, she is a beauty, her full name is
Kaori Nahimana Ayet which is Japanese, Cherokee and Blackfoot which means
"fragrant, mystic little, sister", mainly because when we first got her she farted
alot and boy did it stink, but I didn't want to call her stinky, so the grand-daughter
came up with the name Kaori which is a lovely name, so we call her "Ki" for short.
She is also named after one of the Sawtooth Wolf Pack wolves which just happened
to be Motomo's mate, the Alpha female who recently died a couple of years ago.
So as you can see I have paid tribute to the ones I could to keep their memory alive.
Since the wolves are such beautiful animals and I have discovered that the bengals
are such beautiful and unique cats it is only fitting for them to carry on the names.
Ki was born 4/6/09, she loves to play with Haku they mingle with the other cats but
stick with the other bengals. Ki is a mix of a silver and brown bengal,
she is a pretty cat with big eyes..

Recently, Kaori has become even more hard to catch
she was always hard to catch
She will let you pet her, but it is on her terms
But you could never catch her
I need to get her to the vets
But I can't catch her
Now I have to watch as she suffers
She is still fiesty as ever and still
just as hard to catch
She just watches for you
I worry about them all
She is now 8 yrs. old

Today broke my heart, 6/24/2019, because after 14 1/2 years, I had to bid my
beautiful little girl good-bye.
She had seen me through a lot. I had moved back to Greenville, PA
After my first husband died, she was given to me as a baby kitten as a gift
by the neighbor upstairs
I had only brought with me, what was left of the mighty 4-some.
Oscar, my lovey dovey cat and Dirty Harry, my dog
So to add her to the mix was wonderful.
She saw me through so much over those years
So many heart-breaks with different cats, and such
But she had always been right there to give me the love needed
I have lost and loved SO many animals along this road
But each and every has been there and given me comfort
I hope I have made a difference in some small way
In each of their lives as they have in Mine
I Miss Each and Every One of them
Scooter was just a baby when,
she came to us as a
Memorial Day gift from my upstairs neighbor she introduced herself by giving me an
example of what comes out of both ends.
She got the name Scooter, because when she would run over the wood floors
She could not get any traction and she looked like she was scooting Therefore the name Scooter
She is a beautiful little girl who has gotten so big
and she is a bob-tailed cat, she loved our dog Harry and loved to chase Giz, my adopted cat
from my friend who moved and couldn't take Giz with her.
Now Giz, our dog, Harry and a few others have gone over the Rainbow Bridge.

Scooter now lives with me and the other cats here in New York and has become the
"old Lady" of the house , she is just as beautiful as she ever was and is lovely and has really
gotten quite attached to Jim. She gets right up under his beard and cuddles with him.
She is now 4 years old 2009.

Update: 2017 Scooter is alive and well and now 12 years old.
Unfortunately she is now living in a huge dog cage because our cat Tiger has chased
Shadow and Scooter to the point where they are safer in
the cages then out of them.
It's hard for me to explain
But she is well. And still my lovey-dovey cat, she loves to smooze

I am very slow in writing this because along the way I have lost too many animals
Mama Cat passed almost right after Scooter did and it
devastated me, it reminded of the year
when I lost Peanut, then Abby, then Roo
By that time I was very angry with God
Apparently Mama was older than we thought
She will be missed, but at least she brought
3 beautiful kittens into this world
And I know the people who have them
And can keep up with their progress
So we still have a part of her left in the world

MamaKat came to us in a weird way
About 5 years ago, I think more or less,
I was out in our garage and hearing a strange noise
Turned around and there was a very young cat
I figured I'd feed her
Well she was there the next day also, so I fed her again
Well the following day, as I was starting to feed her
around the corner came 3 tiny kittens
Yep, she had kittens
So we had to deal with kittens
She was also going across the street to get food
And leaving the kittens hidden in the garage
Which meant that she was weaning them
I knew that soon she would be teaching them how to search for their own food
Which meant teaching them to cross the street
I told my husband, and he said, nope
So I brought them all in
And we decided to get her fixed

In the process we had to put the kittens
In with our older cat, Scooter
oh, she just loved that one
We had put her, Shadow, and the new girl in cages
(long story)
(hint:Tiger is the culprit)
But now with her fixed we needed to find her kittens homes.
Jim wanted to keep the mama
So we did
and in the process, a friend, kept one of her kittens
And another of our friends, decided to take her other two
So all of them have found happy homes.

She and her babies are all happy and healthy

Unfortunately this morning 12/14/2020 it pains me that I have to put my beautiful
little (now 12 year old snow bengal) down.
Yesterday, which was Sunday, he literally shot out from under the bed
and was dragging his back legs " he was crippled"
I called my vet at home and told him what was going on at 6:45 am
he told me to be at the office by 8:am, and I was with my husband carrying
the carrier with Haku in it
What we discovered was after some testing and other things
Was that what had happened
Was that my beautiful boy HAD
Thrown a Blood Clot down his spine
Which was called an "Aortic Thromboembolism"
Basically saying there is only so much you or the Vet
Can do
And the cat is in PAIN
I went home leaving my boy there, to let my vet try his best
Went home knowing what I needed to do, prayed about it
Cried about it, and called some dear friends for support
I knew what I had to do, this is the part I hate
About being a pet parent
Is saying Good-bye
But I am not in control
I am only in control of what I can do on this earth
The rest is in God's Hands
God's Speed, My Handsome Boy
I will see you across The Rainbow Bridge

Haku is my snow bengal, his full name is Haku Minninnewah Piyup, which is
Japanese, Cheyenne and Blackfoot and means "White, Whirlwind Little Brother",
which is what he is. He is also named for one of the Sawtooth Wolf Pack wolves.
and he was born 5/27/09 from the same breeder as the others.
He is beautiful and will eventually look like a white tiger.
He has blue eyes and his mother was a snow lynx with some siamese in her,
he is a muscular kitten. He loves playing with Wyakin and
his older sister "Ki". I have 3 bengals with the loss of Wyakin in March of 2017.
Besides my other cats.

Today 1/15/2022 I had to take in our Big Boy, Tiger
He had been suffering with some sort of breathing problems
And it just appeared to be getting worse
And he just wasn't his old self anymore
He wasn't doing the things that he used to do
So on that note I took him in at the very beginning of it
And did all the bloodwork and stuff
Got told he was anemic and had some fluid around his lungs
Tried a bunch of different things
But when their moods and things change
Then I truly believe it is too late
But I gave a "good old college try"
Hell we had had him since he was a kitten,
And he was 14 1/2 when we had to put him down
But lots of wonderful memories, and ONE BIG LOVING BOY
Who will be missed so very much.

Tiger is a Hemingway cat. He has 7 toes on his front paws and 6 toes on
his back and when he spreads his back feet they look like snowshoe feet and I do mean wow,
I do mean big. He fell out of our attic up here, I was walking around and heard something
scratching at the ceiling and it sounded like a kitten, of course my boyfriend figured I was
crazy, yeah right, so I was calling and scratching, and he was following me. But naturally
when he talked to the ceiling it stopped. Well one day when I heard the sound, he finally
heard it and then knew I wasn't nuts. Then we stopped hearing it, the next time
we heard it it was coming from the back door, I opened the door and there he was.
Darting in and out of the door. Jim could hold him in his hands and he fit under his beard
you could only see his butt and tail. He would nuzzle under his chin and beard and
suckle there. But now he is a whopping 15.2 pounds and loves to play fetch with his
mousey and still loves to nuzzle with his Dad, although now you see most of him under
the beard. LOL. When he lies on his back, he looks like a totally different cat, his colour
is just totally different, strange cat, but loveable. My big Tiger Kat. He is a jealous boy,
he has to have your lap or total attention and wants to have his Mommy and Daddy home,
if he sees me packing he packs himself in the bag many times. He gets along pretty
well with Shadow and Scooter. Slippers runs from him, but as I said, Oscar taught him
a lot of pretty good tricks and left his legacy with him. LOL.

Today 2009, Tiger is now 18 lbs. at not quite 1 1/2 yrs.or better
and now has 8 other cats to play with but feels he is the boss of the house, he still sleeps
with Jim and tries his best to get under his beard, but he can't so he tries to snuggle
with him and loves his "daddy".
He does his "tricks" when Jim comes in the house,
he does somersaults a running somersault for Jim, it's so funny, but Jim rewards him with
a pet and picks him up and they give each other a hug.

Today 2011 Jan. Tiger Kat is probably about 28 lbs. but he is NOT
a small cat that is big
he is a big cat that is big
we have also discovered that he is part Maine Coon and something else
that gives him that size and the size of his paws
I'll tell you what watching Cats 101 can teach you alot of information if you want
to learn it

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