To The
Realm of the White Wolf!

As we walk through life most are unaware of what we cannot see
but mind you they see you and pay attention to all you do.
Dare you to follow them into their world???

Step carefully, if you dare, but follow and learn their ways.
Maybe then you will come to understand them, instead of being afraid.

So take a look at yourself in the water,
may you see what you like, but you will still want to find the truth of your soul
Then step lively and keep up for we move swiftly and fast,
we don't want to lose you in the wilderness. We might not find you again!!!

I have changed the look of some of my site
I will not bring you alot of bling I will give you some sparkle, but I will bring you the truth
The truth of what is real in the real world
not in the internet world that is the world we MUST face and deal with

Throughout you will find pages with pictures of real wolves on them
These are the faces that peer back at you in the night
that howl in the moonlight, that are real
But that man kills because we don't understand them

Might we better serve them if we do?
So listen and hear their song, their plea that whistles through the wind
then decide if they are worth saving.

So let's deal with it.
Reality awaits you, are you willing to let the White Wolf guide you on your way?

Then Enter in and follow the White Wolf as she leads you.

**Enter the Realm of the White Wolf**

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Dare to be who you are, and learn to resign with good grace all that you
are not and to believe in your own individuality

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May 7th & 14th, 2018

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